Structural Integrity

In June of this year Tim Billman and I put on a show called Structural Integrity. It explored the process of moving from a place of oppressive and maladaptive structure to a place of cooperation and personal freedom through the journey of a single, silent, character. These panels are interspersed with a series of increasingly complex folded paper pieces. The folds and splatters on these pieces represent the effect of experience on our minds and lives. Though it may appear that the paper is somehow marred by these folds and marks, in the end these many folds come together to create a new shape that is entirely different and completely beautiful. Here is a video of the show:

Our audience participated in the show by placing their fears, habits, and personal hangups inside the tower seen in the video. After the show, we destroyed the tower, releasing all the pent up frustrations and maladaptive structures that had been placed inside. Here is a video of that destruction:

As can often happen when you deal with fire, there was an unexpected event during the destruction, when the tower fell toward the camera. I had to stop for a few moments and move to a new, safer, vantage point. Here is the second part of the burning: